Marcel & Trix

The Swiss Emigrant couple Marcel & Trix are acting with heart and soul as hosts at 'The Zep', which is one of the most popular places on Crete since its opening in may 2014.


Marcel cares as owner personally for the physical and musical well-being of his guests.

His know-how in rock and blues music can easily keep up with a music encyclopedia, just try and test him.

Trix, the soul of the bar prepares little treats such as 'Schwizer Brezeli' which count among the guests at the unofficial highlights of 'The Zep'. She is mainly concerned about the well-being of the (female) guests.


They are very popular since the TV-Show 'Up and Away' on Swiss Television SRF.


Under the heading 'Media and Press' you can read more about the TV-Show and Marcel's and Trix's emigrant adventure.

Our team

Nikos -  Gentleman of drinks

Valentino - Barcours Waiter

Eleni - Happy fairy